Keep in mind that everyone can start work with wood. It can easily become your hobby or profession that generates a stable income.  To begin working with wood, you simply need an interesting project and a minimal set of tools. If you think that this hobby requires a whole bunch of woodworking machines and an unimaginable set of power tools, then you are wrong.

  1. Tools and machines are not making you a professional

Only your constant practice can do that. You may not have an expensive band saw, but with an ordinary hand jigsaw, you can cut any shape out of wood efficiently and quickly. And what about works from ancient Rome? Do you believe that they used power tools and computer numerical control milling (CNC) machines? Of course not. All those mechanisms are there to save time, and it has nothing to do with our skills. Remember, your skill should not depend on your tools and woodworking machines! They are the addition to your skill.

  • Remember, perfection is unattainable

There is nothing perfect in this life. We all have our faults. And those who say that they have none are having more faults than anyone else.  You can only get better when you work on your projects. Master new techniques and technologies, try working with new materials and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Your mistakes are the best teachers ever. Not learning from your mistakes is a mistake by itself. Learning is an endless process. And this is a good thing because your hobby is not going to become boring.

  • The size of your workshop or working place means nothing

Is your workshop located in the garage? Or do you have only a small free corner for the workbench? Good, both of these options allow you to start realizing your projects and ideas. You do not need a huge workshop to do amazing things from wood. It is always better to start small. Imagine that you invested thousands of dollars into your new workshop, but then you got disappointed in woodworking. What then? What would you do to do with those tools and mechanisms? In this case, your hobby turns into the waste of time and efforts

  • Ask 10 carpenters how to make a simple chair and you will receive 10 different answers. And all of them are right.

Learn different woodworking techniques, learn about best practices, watch instructional videos. At the beginning of the path, choose projects that you can surely bring to the end. Avoid complicating simple things. Keep in mind that each master has his view on different things when listening to the advice of experienced people. Do not allow woodworking authorities to press on you. It is always better to look for your style.

  • Always follow safety instructions

Take the time to read the instructions for your equipment and tools. Always use the protection provided by the manufacturer on your machines. Keep your hands and eyes safe. Install at least the simplest airing system to remove waste and dust, or you may permanently damage your lungs. Your health is something that money can’t buy. So, don’t neglect it. Because it is crucial for your success as a carpenter. And remember: your relatives need you if you do not have a soul mate, meet ukraine women for dating.