Firstly let me start by saying that you don’t have to be tech savvy and neither do you have to be on every social media platform under the sun to bond with your child.

To truly bond and develop a connection with your baby, you need to learn about a few simple hacks that you can practice every day. For the longest of time my wife, Laurel, and I loved doing DIY projects as our hobbies or something we simply did together. Late in 2017, we decided to pursue this hobby full time so that we can have more time as a family together. This is how we started our website BestHomeGears, where we review different tools such as best chainsaw reviews that we have used or plan to use in the future. For someone who loves to be outdoors so much, it sucked to see my kid be sitting on the couch and collect gold coins in Subway Surfer. That left me wondering that how do I plan activities with him that engage him and get him off the couch.

So here is how we reached our midground:


Talk to them about the use of technology without beating around the bush. You should set ground rules before you introduce them to any new gaming system or device. Fix the number of days or in fact amount of time that they should be spending tops on these systems. Explain to them about both pros and cons about these systems. Give them a heads up on the kind of content or people that they may come across online that makes them uncomfortable and they should always reach out to you no matter what.

Monitoring vs. Stalking:

I know it is very intuitive to want to know everything your child does, but that’s not the best practice. By all means, you should be using monitoring software but they should be used as safety nets. The most important thing is to teach your child about how they should be responsible digital citizens. If you act as spies around you, they will find it difficult to discuss problems with you openly.

Work in tandem with school and teachers:

You will have to accept that tech is going to be a major part of child’s day. In fact, a recent study reveals that children spend almost 9 hours a day on digital properties. So it is always a good idea if the child can spend some of that time online learning new skills. There are multiple courses available like coding for children under 5, which introduce kids to very important principles, very early on.

Lead by example:

The only way you can get your child to follow the rules of the house is if you follow them yourself. Doing little things like, keeping your phone off the dining table can go along a long way.

Plan activities together:

I know it’s very difficult to take picnics or road trips often due to hectic work lives but what about things that you can plan at your house itself. Take, for example, you can build legos together or paint in the backyard or simply take on a challenging puzzle set.

To conclude, the activity in itself is least of the concern. It’s the intent that matters the most. Keep in mind that your efforts won’t bore results instantly, it takes time but if you are persistent then bonding with your loved ones in this world full of distraction is worthwhile